Is It Permissible to Criticize Jews? Part II

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Subject: RE: Is It Permissible to Criticize Jews?

Good day, mr. Block!

I only recently discovered some of your videos on YouTube and read a few posts on your blog, and am sort of enchanted by your lectures and views, at times controversial but invariantly smart, coherent, full of insight and independent. And your sometimes glistening in monologue sense of humor is like a cherry on the ice cream.

I have a question about your blog post, “Is It Permissible to Criticize Jews?”. It kind of resonates with my own views. I would like to translate it into Russian to post it on my social media page ( if you are OK with it (It would of course contain a link to your blog).

But I can’t understand some part of it, so (regardless of whether you decide to permit to translate it) could you please clarify it?

You said this: “In the 1930s, the then Canadian Prime Minister was asked something to the effect of how many Jewish immigrants to his country from Germany who were fleeing Nazism would he accept. Came the answer: “None is too many.” When I first heard that, I was incensed. Members of my family were killed by Hitler, may his evil name be erased. But upon more sober reflection, I can (almost) empathize with him.”

Do you mean empathizing with Hitler or with Canadian prime minister? You said this:

“….They want to overturn capitalism, promote social justice and egalitarianism, ride roughshod over private property rights, enrage the masses against the highly accomplished elite, will donate gobs of money to the most left wing politicians available, and all the rest. “You can have them,” I now think, was an eminently sensible initial response to their threatened arrival in Canada (I here abstract from the fact that this decision indirectly lead to the murder of many innocent people).”

I don’t get it! Do you mean by ‘You can have them’, that it would be a sensible response of a prime minister that some other country, say USA, can have them (Jews) but not Canada? And further you mean that when Canada declined immigration for Jews fleeing nazism, it killed more Jews who were thus denied safety?

Thank you in advance for your answer. E

Dear E:

C’mon, give me a break. Of course, I empathize with the Canadian prime minister. Not Hitler, for goodness sake.

Yes, you have my permission to translate, if you send me the translation.

You ask: Do you mean empathizing with Hitler or with Canadian prime minister? Certainly with the latter, not the former. Please make this clear in your translation.

I said I could ALMOST empathize with the Canadian prime minister. I still he was wrong in turning away those Jews, since there was then, and is now, plenty of empty land in Canada.

Here’s the way I see matters. There were three possibilities at the time.

1. Allow all the Jews to settle in Canada in 1939 or so when they arrived by boat. There is plenty of virgin territory there. To prevent their settlement there is to violate the non aggression principle (NAP). I take the NAP VERY seriously. For me, it is the libertarian lodestar, compass; it is our foundation, our building block. We must not violate it, “though the heavens fall.”

Yes, “the Canadian Prime Minister should have let them in.” The borders should have been open as long as there is virgin territory in that country. I only add now, that I full well realize why the Canadians didn’t want these Jew commies in their country. But Jew commies, all commies, still have rights; the right to settle in virgin territory.

2. Allow the Jews in temporarily, as an emergency. Keep them in concentration camps, yes, concentration camps of the sort used by the U.S. for Japanese Americans during world war II (but treated more humanely). Then, kick out all the Jews when the war is over, or, as soon as they can be expelled to a safe country. Perhaps, maybe somewhere in South America, or better yet, to a certain geographical spot in the Middle East. This is not fully compatible with libertarianism, but, I think, far better from all sorts of points of view than:

3. Do what the Canadians actually did, deny the Jews entry to Canada, ship them back to Nazi Germany, to the deaths of many of them. Horrible.

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