Is an Accountable Left Wing Emerging — or Just Leaving?

From leftiest Harvard, we have a new book out about ethics in the workplace featuring big pharma et al.  Seems like it is quite the radical tome, along the lines of ensuring there is a devil’s advocate, a tenth man whose duty it is to disagree, in order to ensure “we” don’t make uninformed, unchallengeable, stupid, and criminal decisions and mandates, you know, so we are all not just a bunch of statist sheep in Mao jackets.  Coming on the heels of an elite ask for amnesty, that shy, tentative in-house acknowledgement of the statist’s thousand days of hate, with a suggestion that it might be time to quit.   Also this week, a Democratic constitutional lawyer wins a point about the unconstitutionality of detention camps.

Is this early labor for the birth of a new liberal party, with a new embrace of civil disobedience and whistleblowing and the importance of limited government? Recognition that votes don’t matter if the people won’t obey? Chasing populism in the face of near de facto national secession?  Maybe the walk-away campaign is actually working. Now where’s the Republican version?



6:16 pm on November 16, 2022