IRS Chief Complains about Budget Cuts

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is upset about the $346 million cut to the IRS budget in the recently-passed CRomnibus bill. “Our hiring — already limited at a ratio of one [new] hire for every five people who leave — will be frozen…. We will stop overtime except in critical situations,” he said.

This is probably the only good thing that can be said about this bill. But of course, the Republicans are only upset with the IRS because of how it targeted conservative groups, not because they have any philosophical problem with taxes or their collection.

What I really find troubling is this: the National Treasury Employee Union, which represents IRS employees, says that the IRS had just over 83,000 staffers at the end of 2013. What kind of an American would work for the IRS?


8:02 pm on December 22, 2014