Intellectual Ammunition in the Culture War

James Lindsay’s New Discourses website is an absolute must for you to visit everyday on a daily basis in addition to

Along with Christopher F. Rufo, Heather Mac Donald, Gad Saad, Jordan Peterson, Michael Rectenwald, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Candice Owens, Robert Barnes, David Freiheit, Thaddeus Russell, Victor Davis Hanson, Jason Whitlock, Naomi Wolf and Glenn Greenwald, he is leading the heroic battle against identity politics and racial biological collectivism of conformist cancel culture by the totalitarian leftwing destroyers of Western civilization and its basis in Judeo-Christian and Enlightenment principles — the declared enemies of freedom of speech, the rule of law, the integrity of biological science, the two person nuclear family of male and female, personal sovereignty and self-defense, individual human rights and civil liberties, and the capitalist free market economy.


6:12 pm on June 3, 2022