In Scotland, the Parasites Punished the Productive

As Zero Hedge points out, those on welfare attacked young workers with their votes for union. This is an indication of the coming social unrest. Young working Americans are right to hate the Social Security flat income tax, which is double what it seems to be, since the “employer portion” also comes out of the worker’s wages. Older people are wrong to think they are owed welfare. They are not supposed to rip off the young; they are supposed to love and guide and teach kids. Kids, in return, are supposed to honor and love and learn from their elders. Help in either direction is supposed to be voluntary. Only the State is capable of perverting the natural order to promote intergenerational hate. When the troubles come, in Scotland or here, we have to remember who the villain is. (Thanks to Ursel Doran)


11:05 am on September 19, 2014