My Impressions from Watching the State-of-the-Union Speech

Nancy Pelosi had a look of horror on her face, as though President Trump had just announced a moratorium on plastic surgery.  Lindsey Graham, sitting next to John McCain in a weird boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way, looked like he had just fallen out of bed after an all-night drunk after President Trump said that he favored peace to war.  Clownish Senator Al Franken, on the other hand, looked as though he really should have been wearing a Bozo the Clown suit.  All the rest of the Democrats seemed to be suffering from an epidemic of constipation.  They couldn’t even bring themselves to politely acknowledge the presence of two wives of murdered police officers in the audience whose husbands were murdered by an illegal alien who had been previously deported twice.  They expressed silent disapproval when the president said that such a murderer should not have been allowed back into the country.  Then they all ran out of the room as soon as it was over, like so many school children who had been forced to attend the last day of school before summer vacation.  Most of them presumably ran off to CNN/MSNBC/NBC/ABC/Wapo/ETC to continue their demand of an investigation of how Russian spies supposedly conspired with Donald Trump to defeat their corrupt criminal hag in the November election.


9:17 pm on February 28, 2017