How Should a Libertarian Deal with the Government’s Policy on Covid?

From: Brandon
Sent: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 9:55 PM
To: Walter Block <[email protected]>

Dear Professor Block,

This is less of a professional email concerning Austrian Economics or Libertarianism and more concerning personal matters that I have no one else to go to for. I’m absolutely terrified that the state is gonna reimpose COVID-19 restrictions. This was something I never thought I’d have to worry about again, but recently, there has been a surge in cases caused by the BA.5 COVID strain, which has a very high transmissibility and reinfection rate, though doesn’t pose the threat of serious illness. Nevertheless, I’ve heard that the CDC is already advising several counties in Tennessee to mask up and San Diego is already planning on imposing mask mandates. I feel as if the past few months of relative freedom are coming to a close and the state is ready to renew its absolute control over the population. For the past four days, I’ve found myself in a very dark place, absolutely horrified of the prospect of going back to masking and social distancing. I can still remember suffering daily from March of 2020 to November of 2021, sometimes sitting in the corner of my room and either sobbing or silently huddling in agony. I don’t wanna go back. I don’t wanna suffer again. I just don’t know what to do. On the bright side, I live in Florida, but I feel that even my state will somehow end up imposing restrictions. I’m sorry if this is personal, but I have absolutely no one to go to and I’m wondering whether my fears are warranted.

Thank you.

Yours truly,


Dear Brandon:

Here is what I’ve published on this topic. I hope and trust it will give you a small modicum of comfort:

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November 18, 2020 The economics of lockdown or Anti-covid measures versus freedoms (the hottest topic for everyone). The welfare state. Market Failure.

Protectionism. Economic inequalities. Alexandru Butiseacă [email protected] (We had 2.5 K views at this event – Academeya Foundation of which you are an honorary member).

Here is the link to online TV:

Block, Walter E. 2020. “Quarantines.” March 10;;

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Best regards,



2:36 am on July 28, 2022