How Badly Do Product-Safety Professionals Scorn Pharma and Falsi?

For an answer, we turn to Paul Sheridan, who, Ms. Anonymous informs us,

has been involved in automotive product safety for virtually his entire career. As a person who has really dedicated his life to keeping people safe, his disdain for the product liability immunity enjoyed by big pharma knows no bounds! For his work in automotive safety at great personal and professional cost, the Civil Justice Foundation awarded Paul their Civil Justice Foundation Champion Award in 2005.

She continues, 

Mr. Sheridan identified Anthony Fauci as key to this “COVID” operation, sounding the alarm early on to then-President Trump. Mr. Sheridan also wrote two extensive communications directly to Anthony Fauci only to be ignored. MD’s such as George C. Fareed, Brawley, California; Michael M. Jacobs, MD, MPH Pensacola, Florida; and Dr. Donald C. Pompan, Salinas, California wrote an open letter to Anthony Fauci last Aug expressing serious concerns about Fauci’s rejection of hydroxychloroquine. Ignored. Renowned and esteemed MD and epidemiologist, Dr. Harvey Risch, published two articles on the same topic last May and July, respectively. Completely ignored by the “mainstream”.  

[Here’s] Mr. Sheridan’s third communication to Anthony Fauci, laying out the case for the hundreds of thousands of deaths directly connectable to him. This time, Fauci’s office attempted to reject this communication outright while Mr. Sheridan’s other two letters remain unacknowledged except for delivery confirmation.

In the first section of the file, Mr. Sheridan painstakingly and with evidence makes the case for Fauci’s direct accountability for these deaths. Please note pages 15-16, especially the text quoting Dr. Harvey Risch and his assessment of what he’s seeing playing out (“This has gone on before”) as it pertains to “America’s doctor”.

This file contains several other documents, including work by Denis Rancourt, PhD and “The Fauci/COVID Dossier” by David E. Martin, PhD. Dr. Martin’s dossier represents 22 years of research providing the basis for, among other things, additional legal action against Anthony Fauci.

I can serve on the jury: oh, please, oh please!


5:13 pm on April 16, 2021