Hospital Fascism

Interesting things going on at a large local chain of hospitals.

Normally, parking is free and the ticket collection system is disabled. But now, there is a lineup to get into the parking garage. You receive a ticket, but nobody collects it or any money on the way out. It turns out that in the aftermath of the hurricane, FEMA is paying the hospital for the parking – which is free anyway. Ka-ching!

Next, I learned that the costs of ambulances is being reimbursed by FEMA. But they are still billing the customer and the insurance companies just the same. Ka-ching!

How long before all of this double- and triple-dipping gets investigated and it becomes a huge scandal? Probably never. The parasites all cover for each other while the taxpayer pays the bill. Meanwhile, where is Antifa? This partnership between Big Business and Big Government is the dictionary definition of fascism.


10:11 pm on September 26, 2021