Where Should the “Hispanics” Go?

So the racist hate group (California La Raza Lawyers Association) that the anti-Trump judge belongs to thinks all white people should go back to Europe, according the president of the hate group.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most “Hispanics” of Spanish origin, and isn’t Spain a part of Europe?  If the objective is to purify America of its imperialistic impulses, shouldn’t the descendants of the Spanish empire’s imperialists also return to their European homeland?  Just asking.

UPDATE:  As for those “Hispanics” (a word invented by American affirmative action bureaucrats) who are descendants of the Aztecs, I suppose non-imperialistic purity would require them to return to rural Mexico where they can continue to practice their “religion” of human sacrifice.  Not that the Spanish conquistadors were any more humane.


8:57 am on June 10, 2016