Hillary’s Hyper-Mysogynistic Saudi Benefactors and Supporters Must Be Laughing Their Gutras Off . . .

. . . upon hearing that she is supposedly “shocked” to hear that Donald Trump once described to another guy in colorful locker room language how he unsuccessfully tried to seduce some Hollywood sexpot.  The Saudis, who have given the Clintons tens of millions of dollars, have “one of the worst countries in the world for women” according to the Hillary-worshipping Washington Post.  Saudi women are second-class citizens who are not even allowed to drive and are treated legally like children with legal male “guardians.”  These are Hillary’s (a.k.a. “this crooked hag,” as Dinesh D’Souza called her last night on FOX) multi-million dollar supporters, but of course it is of utmost importance that the mainstream media remain 100% silent about this.

(How interesting that in the video of Trump’s eleven-year-old remarks the words of his television business “companion” Billy Bush, nephew of George H. W. Bush and first cousin of Dub-Yuh, are not audible).


12:00 pm on October 8, 2016