Hey, At Least Those Coattails Didn’t Warm the Globe, Unlike the Private Jets

David Maharaj observes,

The recent divorce announcement of the repugnant Kill Gates and Belinda, brings to mind a certain query: How will militant feminists react to the fact the two richest women in the world, ex-Bezos and the aforementioned, and soon to be filthy rich, Gates, are the product of simply marrying wealthy males? Did the patriarchy win, lose, or draw?

Of course, feminists are always happy when a nuclear family dissolves. It gives them renewed purpose.

I expect they’ll behave the same way that they did towards Pillary Clinton: when the gal’s a Marxist, it doesn’t matter how long she rides a man’s coattails to prominence. 


10:21 am on May 6, 2021

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