He’s On a Losing Streak

Wow. Rather than “abolishing” the TSA, as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was promising to do just a few weeks ago, he’s now seeking to “privatize” it — not only a bait-and-switch but exactly the non-solution for which Rep[rehensible] John Mica (R-Fl) is crusading. One of the two bills Rand’s introduced “would require that the mostly federalized program be turned over to private screeners and allow airports — with Department of Homeland Security approval — to select companies to handle the work.” Whether it’s Mica’s or Rand’s proposal, both leave the Feds in charge of bungling security at airports. Yes, the deviants pawing you at checkpoints will receive their paychecks — which your taxes will continue to finance — from “private” companies, but the TSA (or, per Rand’s bill, its über-bureaucracy, the DHS) will dictate every move they make, from groping you to stealing your mouthwash.

Some airports already sexually assault passengers under this “private-public partnership” (when foreign governments practice this arrangement, we call it “fascism”). San Francisco’s is one of them. If you’ve ever flown through there, you can testify that from the passenger’s standpoint, there’s absolutely no difference whether Uncle Sam or a “private” company taking detailed orders from Uncle Sam employs the deviant with his hands down your pants.

No wonder the second bill Rand’s offering would “establish a passenger bill of rights.” Um, Rand? We already have a Bill of Rights; it’s appended to the US Constitution, which never, ever even remotely allows the Feds to interfere with our travels in any way, let alone gate-rape us at airports. Indeed, its Fourth Amendment specifically prohibits “unreasonable search” — and believe me, the TSA’s searches are as unreasonable as they get. No other regime anywhere at any time, no matter how brutal or totalitarian, has sexually molested its citizenry as a condition of travel.

Rand, no offense, but I’ll take that Bill of Rights over yours any day. Geez, guy, get with the program.


5:45 am on June 16, 2012