Herr Northam, get a life!

Lame duck governor (as they all are in Virginia) Ralphie announced a new “order” for all residents of our formerly free commonweal.  I’m torn whether to laugh about its glaring inconsistencies, or chuckle at the wording that makes it preordained to be unenforceable.  Unenforceable orders may be the best kind, of course, for those who prefer liberty.  The part I liked best:  “The curfew starts at 12:01 a.m. Monday for everyone except those going to or from work, buying food or goods, or seeking medical attention…” At least we know what to say in the off chance that someone is going to try and enforce this.  His cavalier attitude towards religious freedom, or freedom of any kind, is on display.  I wonder when our Virginia motto, sic semper tyrannis or thus always for tyrants, will kick in.


10:43 pm on December 10, 2020