Heroic Disarmament

Blessed are the peacemakers. Obama stops building anti-missile weapons in Eastern Europe, and Russia responds by dismantling its missiles. And no one now pretends to believe Bush’s laughable lie, that the anti-missile weapons were aimed at Iran rather than Russia. Now, I noticed various scamsters on cable TV saying, could anyone object to “defensive” weapons like the US’s? Because they make a first-strike far easier and therefore more likely. One other point: if the neighborhood bully comes out of his house one Saturday morning not just with his baseball bat, but dressed head to toe in body armor, no one exclaims: how great–he’s gone defensive.

Let’s just hope and pray that this small act of detente is not part of the perfervid neoconservative goal of murdering the Iranian people.

UPDATE from a soldier:

Yes, BO scrapped them from Poland, but now they want to place them further south.  i think they’ll do something crazy and place them in Georgia. These folks never cease to incite violence.


10:56 am on September 19, 2009