What Happened in Vegas Won’t Stay in Vegas

Well, well, well: killer immediately identified, “heroic” cops locate him, he’s now conveniently dead, his family’s shocked senseless at such uncharacteristic crimes, the usual suspects demand more control of gun-owners… The tragedy in Las Vegas boasts all the earmarks of a false-flag from the sociopaths who brought us 9/11.

Meanwhile, Our Rulers were “securing” the Route 91 Festival as they do so many other events in the police-state. They searched innocent attendees with nary a warrant or even a thought thereof. Cynics might wonder whether the government cold-bloodedly calculates that its now-accepted ritual of disarmament facilitates these massacres. In any event, all the groping and metal detectors patently can’t prevent these attacks—so why do Americans tolerate the Fourth Amendment’s evisceration?

Again, just as I advise boycotting commercial aviation, so I advise avoiding any gathering that forces you to submit to anti-Constitutional searches. No event on earth is worth the degradation those searches entail: you pay a small fortune for a ticket only to endure the insult of waiting in a mind-numbingly long line so that “security” can abuse you—or worse, as the Deep State grows increasingly murderous.


11:01 am on October 2, 2017