A Halloween “Cash Mob” for LRC

Most of us are familiar with those lovely, peaceful demonstrations known as “flash mobs,” where musicians show up, individually, at a shopping mall, train station, or park and begin playing a piece of music or engaging in a dance. One of my favorites is the performance of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” with small children on up to old geezers like myself standing there enjoying the music.

A variation on this is what is known as the “cash mob.” A large number of people agree, in advance, to show up at a local business (perhaps a candy store, bakery, card shop) on a given day to purchase some of its wares. This strikes me as a fun  way to support a business. It is supposed to be done without the pre-knowledge of the store owner.  I am proposing that on this coming Saturday – the last day before we have to reset our clocks – we go online to LRC, click on the Amazon.com portal on the upper right-hand side of the first page, and search through the many categories of merchandise that can be purchased through Amazon.com, and buy something.  Why this? Because, if we follow the correct procedure and purchase through the LRC website, LRC will get a small percentage of the purchase price. It costs us nothing more to purchase any of these items, but LRC gets a small cut of our action.

Lew is not supposed to know anything in advance about this of course, so none of us should tell him!  As he arises to reset his clock the next day, he may discover the abundance of $$ awaiting LRC as a result of our Halloween “trick or treat.”  I will participate in this: what about the rest of you?



2:33 pm on October 29, 2015