H. Clinton Blames Assad, Iran and Russia for ISIS!

Starting at 9:20 into this interview, Hillary Clinton blames Iran for the advent of ISIS. I quote her:

“ISIS was primarily the result of the vacuum in Syria, caused by Assad, first and foremost, aided and abetted by Iran and Russia. So, I think, let’s put responsibility where it belongs.”

An Iran-sourced detailed answer to this appears here. It’s a narrative that jibes with the facts far better than Hillary’s attempt to pin the blame on Assad. Who, after all, said that Assad must go? (Obama) Whose allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) have continually brought arms and fighters into Syria? (Obama’s) Who has sent the CIA and Special Forces into Syria? (Obama) Who has sought to train moderate rebels and sent them arms, knowing full well that these rebels were fighting alongside fanatic Islamic factions who were appropriating the weapons? (Obama) Who set the stage by attacking Iraq? (Bush).

Clinton’s hostility toward Assad, Iran and Russia is so great that she is willing to bend reality way out of shape in order to smear them with ISIS. In her lying, she is equally willing to avoid acknowledging the truth about the U.S. role in setting conditions that nurtured the birth of ISIS.

Will these lies and false perceptions carry over into her conduct of foreign relations with these states? We have to expect that they will, as we are already getting reports of her hawkish plans with respect to Assad and Syria. Clinton has had and will continue to have a war mentality. She will continue to think and act in terms of Syria, Iran and Russia as enemies and threats to the national security of the U.S. Her animus toward these imagined foes will have no good consequences for this country. She will continue to favor Israel too. Where Obama vacillated and diluted to some extent the pressures from neocon sources, Clinton is one of that gang. She heads the war party. Obama provided a buffer of sorts between neocon ideas and their adoption. Clinton is a direct transmission belt.


11:03 am on August 21, 2016