Green Socialism Gaining Endorsements

Beto O’Rourke, a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, has endorsed a Green New Deal. Two other candidates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, also favor it.

Green New Dealers propose that the country faces a climate crisis, a second crisis of economic inequality, and a third crisis of racial/sexual/minority injustice. They propose to overcome these crises by raising Socialism to commanding heights over Americans. The Green New Deal is Green Socialism with a vengeance. It is attempted mass suicide by America.

There are no such big crises, anymore than Saddam Hussein and his WMD (weapons of mass destruction) were a crisis; or Libya was a crisis of imminent genocide; or Ukraine and Crimea was a crisis of Russian invasion of Ukraine or imminent invasion of the Baltic republics; or Serbian reunification of Yugoslavia was a crisis.

We are living in an age of rapid and thorough communications. This has given government and politicians the power to instill false stories. The public has trusted them to be truthful, but they have betrayed this trust.

If there were major crises of climate, inequality and injustice, they could only be made worse by imposing Green Socialism (a Green New Deal) upon us. They could only exist for reasons other than freedom, voluntarism and capitalism, namely, government-created incentives and impediments; and they could only be addressed effectively by shrinking the intrusions of government. We already have far too much Socialism in America.

These Democrats do not speak for all Democrats, not yet, but they are the leading contenders to head the Democratic Party. The socialist wing of the Democratic Party gained ground under Obama. Bernie Sanders brought this about. New Democrats now spread the socialist word without fear of losing votes.

Socialism undermined the Roman Empire. It can and will destroy America too. A Green New Deal is another knife in the body, causing more loss of blood. Eventual death is predicted unless these attacks of socialism cease, the bleeding is staunched and the body allowed to heal.


6:58 pm on January 5, 2019

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