Governor DeSantis Causes a Great Humanitarian Crisis

By flying 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, causing hysteria among the town’s governing elitists who have declared a “humanitarian crisis” and are begging for “federal funds” to help deal with the great crisis confronting them.  On the upside, the town has never been so “diverse” and “inclusive.”  Don’t they remember the old Leftist mating call, “diversity is our strength”?  And don’t they remember that they designated their town as a “sanctuary destination” shortly after Donald Trump became president?

It’s off season in Martha’s Vineyard, so there must be plenty of empty hotel rooms there to house a mere 50 undocumented Democrats.  I guess the cheapskates there are waiting for federal humanitarian crisis funding to pay for it all.  Or, how about the Obama’s $12 million mansion?  Now that they’re empty nesters there must be a few extra bedrooms.

Next stop for Air DeSantis:  Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


6:30 pm on September 15, 2022