Government Do-Goodism Is a Trojan Horse

The U.S. government combines joint military exercises and coordination with activities that once were conducted by missionaries and by private charitable organizations. Nepal is an example. Operation Pacific Angel is the broader organization for some of this. See also here for links to non-combat operations of the military. Local police used to sponsor youth activities. The U.S. government takes that to a worldwide level, but how does it choose how to allocate the resources extracted from Americans? Is it not convenient to be able to land American airplanes at the airports or airfields of host countries? Is it not convenient to introduce a presence in places adjacent to other large powers, so as to play politics and make credible any pressures and threats? Aren’t there iron fists that accompany velvet gloves? Are there many Trojan horses in the world built by and operated by the U.S.? Aren’t there hidden motives behind all this, or mixed motives? And even if there were not such motives, is government meant to be forced charity? If government uses forced charity domestically, which it does and does un-natural lawfully, then by the same token, it will equally un-natural lawfully do the same overseas if it wants to. The blanket term “humanitarianism” will cover all sins, including coercing the resources out of Americans. None of this is right. The evils hidden and taking root under the blanket of doing good sooner or later come out of hiding firmly planted. They already have. There is a standing armed force being trained to do “humanitarian” work overseas, and it will be used domestically and its oppression will be awful. The philosophy behind this already is a domestic poison that is spreading. Government do-goodism is a Trojan horse.


5:38 am on September 24, 2012