Golf vs War and Politics

When Trump announced he would award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods, I loved the fact that it pissed off a lot of folks. I’m watching commentators – including libertarians – get all boo-hoo over this thing, as if a statist medal is something to worship and glorify.

Since this medal exists, why give it to military occupiers, politicians, presidents, and socialists? Why not give it to an icon of American culture, and a guy who stuck it out amidst all of the hate, criticism, health impairments, and attacks from the media and armchair golf commentators? Yeah, he screwed up, but he got back on his stick and he made himself and his game right again. Golf needs Tiger, and so golf is basking in this hard-fought comeback and effort from one of its greatest ambassadors.

We keep hearing how “classy” Obama was, and how he has been followed by Trump the Neanderthal. This is the part of Trump that I relish – not giving a damn about rules, (statist) etiquette, or obligatory pomp. Everything he does to demystify and debase the Emperor’s office is all to the good.


7:54 am on April 17, 2019