Glenn Greenwald Makes Sense of the ‘Tree Lighting Terrorist’

I thank God for Glenn Greenwald, for once again he goes to the heart of the issue of the latest “terrorist” arrest, this time the Somali-born teenager who the FBI set up. Unlike most of the mainstream media that (like the Bourbons of France) learn nothing and forget nothing, Greenwald looks beyond the rhetoric. Here is just one gem from his column, “The FBI successfully thwarts it own terrorist plot“:

What’s missing from all of these celebrations is an iota of questioning or skepticism. All of the information about this episode — all of it — comes exclusively from an FBI affidavit filed in connection with a Criminal Complaint against Mohamud. As shocking and upsetting as this may be to some, FBI claims are sometimes one-sided, unreliable and even untrue, especially when such claims — as here — are uncorroborated and unexamined…And even the “facts” that are included are merely assertions at this point and thus may not be facts at all.

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12:41 pm on November 28, 2010