Give Me A Good Old Roman Emperor Rather Than Jeb Bush

I doubt Jeb “Daddy’s Boy” Bush surprised anyone with his praise of the police-state on a radio show: police-states are always fun when you’re wearing the jackboots.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says the best thing about President Barack Obama is his support for the National Security Agency’s massive communications data dragnets. … Bush hailed the administration for its “continuance of the protection of the homeland using the big meta data programs.” … Bush said called the data collection part of a “very important service” aimed at protecting the nation.

Yeah, and it’s only coincidental that it destroys all vestiges of freedom while “protecting the nation.” Catch the “continuance,” too, since of course Jeb’s sibling turned the NSA from a bunch of anti-Constitutional spooks and eavesdroppers into a Stasi on steroids. Ah, brotherly love! Who’d suspect it flourishes even among tyrants? Makes me long for the days of the Roman Empire, when dictators killed their kin instead of lauding their crimes.

Thanks to David Mueller and Mark Luedtke, who independently sent me this “water-is-wet” story.



8:32 am on April 22, 2015