Germ Theory’s Greatest Hits: Now It’s Ebola

“Germ theory” is perhaps one of the greatest frauds in all of science. The theory, as it is officially called, uses loosely-wrapped theories of contagion to provoke fear, and through that fear the Medical Mafia gains massive, government-level powers to control all of humanity, from global-totalitarian edicts to authoritarian edicts that control individuals in their own homes.

It has been a whirlwind couple of years. First came The C-Nineteen. Then came the never-ending “variants.” Then the Bird Flu. Then Monkeypox. Then meningococcal outbreaks. And the CDC then began chirping about “two new variant influenza viruses.” Then the HIV script was rehashed and rolled out during 2021-2022. Additionally, they have been pushing the polio fabrication. Who can forget the headline from the summer that read: “Another pandemic much worse than COVID-19 is lurking in chicken farms, warns a scientist.” So then they began to kill chickens. Oh, and don’t forget the “subvariants” of the Covid variants.

And now, with yet another untested poisonous jab being rolled out by the Big Two (Moderna and Pfizer), Omicron is back to spinning on the turntable of never-ending fairytales.

I’ve been publishing writings on medical issues for 24 years, from the science, lifestyle, *and* political perspectives. I am not new to any of this. In fact, I have grown exponentially in my readings and knowledge since February 2020.

Given the relentless hard push on invisible, undetectable, unprovable, floating viruses, why does anyone still think C-Nineteen ever existed? Are the believers even aware that there have been global pandemic simulations (practice runs) conducted around the world for 20 years? [See Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s latest book, last chapter, for the details and citations: “War Games: Genesis of the Biosecurity State.”] Kennedy himself barely touches on germ theory in his book, and admits that he has not yet dug into it, but he seems to acknowledge that it begs further inquiry.

How much of this Germ Idiocracy will it take to convince folks that germ theory is a tool of fear with the end game of control, power, and profits that align with the long-planned onset of The Great Reset? The masquerade of C-Nineteen was a planned and mapped-out assault on the American way of life using Covid as a catalyst to provoke fear and sow dissension amongst the masses. Yet the Clown Show called “virology” continues unabated, without any real-life, isolated, purified, samples of these viruses in existence. You just have to believe because you were told to do so by the experts. Hence, the Church of Covid became America’s national religion.

On that note, the latest hit by the hitmakers, the CDC, is now being spun: “America Needs to be Ready for Ebola.” That’s right – Ebola. Note the purple squiggly.



2:51 pm on October 14, 2022