George Will Comes Out Strong For His Career, Income, And Status

… oh yes, and Hillary.


He gets paid well by ABC and the DC Billionaire Blog, of course–the Left pays well for their lapdog “conservatives”– but his real money comes from not only speeches, but “private” consultations with the upper echelons of Wall Street types

Real Big Bucks.

After one of these thoughtful (ahem) seances, the Wall Street broker can tell his client (as one actually told me), “Well, I had lunch yesterday with George Will, and he said….”

I do not assert that Will is doing this just for the money: read 1 John 2:16superbia vitae, the pride of life, is a greater temptation than carnal lust or the desire for wealth. superbia vitae is the desire for fame and glory. (Libido dominandi, the lust for power, is its ugly twin and according to Augustine the prime mandate of Satan).

Both of them, curiously, are lusts not of the flesh, but lusts of the … Will.

Our classicist daughter loves to point to the Roman custom of “damnatio memoriae” — as George Orwell would put it, shoving the memory of famous figures down the Memory Hole (their statues were actually decapitated. My oh my, how contemporary!)

That virtual decapitation would have been the fate of George Will, whatever happens to Donald Trump, had he not made (per perhaps been forced to make) this move.

Of course, in doing so, Will  proved Trump right once again — the Bipartisan Establishment would rather have Hillary and their careers, fame, and fortune, than save the country.

We too have a Nomenklatura. Isn’t it wonderful?

These are very clarifying times. Just after the reign of the Thirty Tyrants, Socrates said that, in times like these, new understandings and theoretical insights are much more likely to emerge than in relatively peaceful eras.


10:43 am on June 26, 2016