From the Dentist’s Mouth

Michael Hargadon is a dentist with an MS in Microbiology. Prior to opening his dental practice, he worked as a clinical microbiologist at Baltimore Cancer Research Center in Reverse Isolation and laminar Air Flow clinical settings.

Given those credentials, his opinion on masks should carry a ton of weight:

Surgical masks have been worn by health professionals, to protect against cross contamination of Blood-borne viruses, not Respiratory viruses. 

Having worked as a microbiologist, or a dentist, throughout my professional career, I am very familiar with wearing a disposable surgical mask. I wore one to minimize the cross contamination of body fluids or tissues. This has been a concern due to blood-borne viruses. 

Some people ask, “If masks don’t work, then why do medical personnel wear them?” 

Blood-borne viruses (BBVs) are transmitted by blood or other body fluids containing virus. This happens when the blood or fluids enter into the body or onto the mucosa of a susceptible person. I had never worn a mask with the intention of minimizing respiratory viral infections because they have been proven to be ineffective against respiratory viruses. Viral respiratory infections (VRIs) include colds, the flu and bronchiolitis. Respiratory means something that affects the lungs and airways (breathing passages). VRIs may cause coughing, sneezing, runny noses, sore throats or fever in a healthy patient, and more serious complications in patients with a weak immune system or co-morbidities. 

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus. Ben Swann does a thorough literature review on scientific data, which supports this conclusion.

I don’t mean to minimize Dr. Hargadon’s observation here; as his wife told me, “We have listened to lots of alternative views and no one seems to make this distinction regarding masks.” But doesn’t that difference seem elemental? Shouldn’t anyone with some medical training understand that masks mitigate infection only from BBVs? Why then have quacks and charlatans like Faux-chi dominated the last year while tens of thousands of medical professionals acquiesce to their patent lies?

How do those professionals sleep at night? Faux-chi is a sociopath, so I don’t wonder that his non-existent conscience doesn’t trouble him. But what about other doctors, nurses, and dentists? Good gracious, I recently visited a cousin who’s an infectious-disease nurse; she gently chided me for not wearing a mask. Doesn’t she understand they guard against BBVs, not VRIs? Ditto for cousins on my mother’s side: they’re doctors who refused to include another relative at Christmas dinner unless he diapered up. He wrote me, very hurt over their snub; why did they so cruelly wound him over nothing?


11:25 am on February 25, 2021