From: E
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2016 9:08 PM
To: Walter Block
Subject: tiny question

Walter, Peace

Another small question: why are you opposed to fraud?  Doesn’t seem consistent to be so. Suppose I tell Tulane falsely that I have a Ph.D. from Harvard, and they hire me and I do a great job. Why would you prevent that?

Ongoing questions.


Dear E:

Fraud requires theft. So, for example, I sell you 20 pounds of potatoes for $10. It later turns out that instead of potatoes, I put worthless rocks in the bag. In effect I stole $10 from you. Libertarians oppose theft.

Tulane wanted two things out of “you” a good job, of course, and the Ph.D. credential. “You” gave them only one of these two, the former. It is as if instead of giving you 20 pounds of rocks, I gave you 10 pounds of rocks, and 10 pounds of good potatoes. Then, I only stole $5 from you, not $10. Libertarian law would prevent that, punish you for it, since we oppose robbery.



3:30 pm on February 1, 2019