You Are Forbidden to Talk with Russians!

A New York Times article says “The agency’s [FBI’s] investigation of Mr. Manafort began last spring as an outgrowth of a criminal investigation into his work for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine and for the country’s former president, Viktor F. Yanukovych. It has focused on why he was in such close contact with Russian and Ukrainian intelligence officials.”

Paul Manafort chaired Trump’s campaign. The poor guy just did not realize that he couldn’t even exchange pleasantries with anybody Russian. If you are not anti-Russian, then you must be pro-Russian. That’s how the nitwits in the U.S. intelligence agencies think. And if you’re pro-Russian, then you must be in their pockets or a spy or a dupe. You don’t deserve to be making U.S. policy, which must remain anti-Russian until America manages to break up Russia and take it over.

You see, American citizens do not have the freedom to talk with Russians. The people they talk to may be spies, after all. My 1991 visit to Russia with my wife is next to be investigated, especially since we spent some time in Kiev. Russia is the enemy of us all. Don’t speak to any Russian or person of Russian descent. Putin deserves no respect, and Trump obviously is his puppet. Putin obviously tampered with American voting machines and secured Trump’s election. Trump must be thrown out of office immediately. Russia is imperialist and wants to take over the world. It’s aggressive. It never abandoned its Communist ambitions. The Cold War never ended. These are facts! Russia threatens Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and your local bar and pool hall. This is not fake news! It is real, you fools! Russia should give back Crimea and allow the Ukrainian armed forces to take back Donbass. Russia should allow westerners to enter its country and preach the overthrow of its government. It should allow George Soros to finance the dismemberment of the country. Russia is nothing but a bunch of backward peasants; Obama has said so. It must be true. The U.S. must never alter its suspicion and distrust of anything Russian. We must all erase from history Russia’s role in defeating Hitler in World War II. Russia was never an ally of America. That’s an impossibility. How could such a poor country have stood up against Hitler’s mechanized divisions and panzers?

Forget about Russia’s nuclear weapons. They are old and rusty. The U.S. will knock them right out in a first strike, and the U.S. anti-ballistic missiles will miraculously clear the air of any Russian missiles targeting U.S. cities. Don’t worry if a few H-bombs make it through. What’s 50 million people and a radioactive halo against ending Russia once and for all!? Our leaders will be safe in their underground caverns, to lead the rest of us to bigger and better things. America will be great!

Americans like Mr. Manafort are all potential criminals if they so much as communicate with Russians, put in a good word for them, or, God forbid, even feel them out on their positions, policies, people and beliefs. Trump’s people should have stayed as ignorant as possible of any Russians prior to his election. If they communicated with these devils, they must be regarded with great suspicion. The FBI must investigate them. There are not enough real criminals around anymore who have actually killed, raped and stolen. The FBI must now investigate potential criminals and crimethink. Anyone of us right now might be thinking destructive thoughts and imagining bonfires, bomb bursts and ballistic missile explosions. The FBI needs to go after video game players, video arcades and video manufacturers.

What does it matter if the FBI and the CIA can examine everyone’s phone calls and e-mails? Didn’t the Gestapo have a similar spy network, and wasn’t it a highly effective way of controlling the German population and anyone who disagreed with Hitler’s policies? Who cares about due process of law? The government makes the law. The Constitution is a dried up piece of useless parchment written by racist pigs, make that racist white pigs. What does it matter if the NSA doesn’t control access to the content and lets unnamed CIA operatives read them and leak them? Why shouldn’t you or I be subjected to investigations for having friends in foreign countries? We all may be terrorists, right? We definitely need an even stronger police state in order to flush out the terrorists among us. Trump is surely a Manchurian candidate and an enemy of the people. That’s what certain people are saying. That’s what the New York Times and the Washington Post are printing. It must be true!

If you are even thinking about being friendly to Russians, stop it now! Get it through your heads, you numbskulls: Russia is our Enemy! Trump is a Russian agent. Even his own party wants to investigate him and defang him. They want to take away his Twitter account! Milo was a trial run. Next come bigger fish. Trump will be confined to his quarters where he can twitter all day long, but they won’t go any further than the desk of John O. Brennan. Who is he? He’s the man who can’t stand anything that Trump says. He’s the former CIA chief who’s one of the powers behind the anti-Trump campaign; that’s my guess because his antipathy to Trump has been open and strong.

But do we actually know the sources of the leaks? No, not at this moment. Rats prefer to stay hidden in the dark.


9:08 pm on February 15, 2017