For The Children–NOT

The lying kidnappers at another Department of Children and Family Services, this time in Illinois, are at it again; apparently, Masachusetts’ success in destroying the Pelletier family in general and their daughter Justina in particular has provoked envy among petty tyrants nationwide. So now they’ve snatched a 16-year-old suffering from a rare genetic condition from his mother who, like Justina’s parents, wanted her child removed from a hospital that couldn’t help him.

Infuriating, isn’t it, how Leviathan first declares that “children” are incompetent to make their own decisions — because both Justina and Isaiah Rider, Illinois’ victim, have vociferously and repeatedly insisted they want to remain with their families — and then steps in to decide for them. No doubt the courts’ decreeing exactly the opposite of what they and their families desire is mere coincidence.

Nor does the State persecute only sick teens. It also expects mothers giving birth to do so at a time convenient for Our Rulers: cops and Secret Service in Los Angeles kept one such woman waiting across the street from the hospital for “at least 30 minutes” when Obummer’s motorcade was due to roll past. “’I felt bad for her,’ [witness Carrie] Clifford said. ‘It does happen when Obama comes to L.A. or I’m sure anywhere else. It paralyzes the city, it does make it complicated. You can’t do the things you had set out to do because the president is in town.”

I can not only testify to the imperial progress’ bringing us commoners to a halt, I’ve long wondered why we pay to protect these gutless predators. Let them come out among us on their own, if they dare. (Thanks to Bill Martin for alerting me to both stories.)


1:17 pm on July 25, 2014