Federal Law

While on a recent flight, I noticed that there were signs saying how it was against federal law 1. for children under 15 to sit in an exit row, 2. to tamper with a lavatory smoke alarm, 3. for a particular exit row seat to recline, and 4. to smoke on the plane. There are certainly many more of these laws that do not appear on signs for the public to see.


Why do we have these federal laws? Although they may seem insignificant, they are gross violations of federalism, the Constitution, and the wildest dreams of the Founding Fathers. It is not enough to just oppose the TSA and the FAA. The federal government should have nothing whatsoever to do with airplanes and air travel. Thank God the industry was substantially deregulated in 1978 as concerning the price of tickets. We still need a complete and wholesale deregulation of this industry and every other industry. Don’t hold your breath waiting on the new Republican majority to even attempt to do anything.


5:12 pm on November 26, 2014

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