Fallacious Marxism-Leninism Lives on in Today’s American Socialists

“Ugo Okere is a 22-year-old Nigerian immigrant and democratic socialist running for Chicago City Council.”

Okere’s socialist politics are consistent with the communism of Marx and Lenin. Both Lenin and Okere believe that capitalist exploitation exists. Both believe that workers will overthrow capitalists and the political system. Both envision worker control. Both believe in equality being a result.


“Democratic socialism, to me, is about democratic control of every single facet of our life. Government is led by the people, not by big corporations, not by multibillionaires, and working people actually have control over who we elect to be our politicians, over how elections work, and over how our government is structured. People have the power.

“It’s also about how our economy is structured. In a democratic-socialist society, the economy does not allow for profits to be concentrated in a few companies, in the hands of a few people, while everyone else is struggling.”

Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov):

“Democracy means equality.”

“If, indeed, all take part in the administration of the state, capitalism cannot retain its hold.”

“…it is quite possible, after the overthrow of the capitalists and bureaucrats, to proceed immediately, overnight, to supersede them in the control of production and distribution, in the work of keeping account of labor and products by the armed workers, by the whole of the armed population…”

Quotations from Lenin appear on pp. 230-233 of “The Marxists” by C. Wright Mills. Mills refers to Lenin as Nikolai Lenin.

Other socialists currently making a splash among Democrats vary from revolutionary to revisionist/gradualist, an age-old split among socialists. But they build their socialism, as did Marx and Lenin, upon ideas that we know are entirely wrong.

Lenin understood absolutely nothing of how capitalism really worked, or he would never have thought that accounting and control of industry would be an easy matter in setting up a workers’ paradise (communist system). He could write in an astonishingly naive and fault-drenched vein, a vein that’s precisely echoed, not in details but in faulty assumptions, in today’s socialist dreamers who hope to remake our society:

“Accounting and control — that is the main thing required for the ‘setting up’ and correct functioning of the first phase of Communist society. All citizens are transformed into the salaried employees of the state, which consists of the armed workers. All citizens become employees and workers of a single national state ‘syndicate’. All that is required is they work equally — do their proper share of work — and get paid equally. The accounting and control necessary for this have been simplified by capitalism to an extreme and reduced to the extraordinarily simple operations — which any literate person can perform — of checking and recording, knowledge of the four rules of arithmetic, and issuing receipts.”

One cannot be a socialist without being as ignorant or mis-educated as Lenin was about every aspect of markets, information, uncertainty, profit, loss, interest, time preference, capital, entrepreneurs, wages, competition, dynamic tastes, individual preferences, decision rights, the nature of firms, etc.


7:40 pm on February 23, 2019