Fake Muckraking Swamps Trump’s Anti-Corruption Doctrine

We are inundated with fake muckraking. That’s what Russiagate was. That’s what Ukrainegate is. That’s what the impeachment of Trump is.

You wouldn’t know it from CNN, MSNBC and all the rest that Trump is against corruption, not with their constant muckraking.

Trump’s National Security Policy became public in December, 2017. It spells out Trump’s anti-corruption doctrine in statements like these:

“And we are a nation of laws, because the rule of law is the shield that protects the individual from government corruption and abuse of power, allows families to live without
fear, and permits markets to thrive.”

“COUNTER FOREIGN CORRUPTION: Using our economic and diplomatic tools, the United States will continue to target corrupt foreign officials and work with countries to improve their ability to fight corruption so U.S. companies can compete fairly in transparent business climates.”

“MILITARY AND SECURITY: We will build upon local efforts and encourage cultures of lawfulness to reduce crime and corruption, including by supporting local efforts to professionalize police and other security forces; strengthen the rule of law and undertake judicial reform; and improve information sharing to target criminals and corrupt leaders and disrupt illicit trafficking.”

“If necessary, we are prepared to sanction government officials and institutions that prey
on their citizens and commit atrocities. When there is no alternative, we will suspend aid rather than see it exploited by corrupt elites.”

That is a sample. The word “corrupt”, “corruption”, and “corrupting” appear 21 times in this 68-page document.

From a libertarian perspective, the democratic socialist government of both major parties that rules America is inherently illegitimate, and it gets worse over time. One of the ways in which it becomes worse over time is through “reforms” brought about by muckraking. We are told “The muckrakers were reform-minded journalists in the Progressive Era in the United States who exposed established institutions and leaders as corrupt.” But they’ve never gone away. They always are emphasizing this and that “problem” requiring reform and new programs. They’re always pushing more and more democratic socialism, leading to totalitarian control. That’s the inescapable tendency of a government possessing monopoly power.

It doesn’t matter whether the muckrakers pinpoint real “problems” caused by their own previous successes at enlarging government and supplanting property rights, or they create new and imaginary “problems” by fabricating lies, fears and scares. Bigger government results. Today what we are observing is the latter: Fake muckraking, lying muckraking, by Democrats. One goal of these modern muckrakers is to win office and create further socialist “reform”. The other goal they have is to prevent the Trump administration from slowing the process of increasing socialism.

Many Americans actually want to slow down the further degradation of government and society. They’ve pinned some hope on Trump. They actually need radically stronger aims, tools and methods. They have to be seeking to terminate governments altogether. Tinkering at the margins is a failing method of gaining and preserving liberty. Liberty means liberty from government, not liberty secured by government. The latter is a contradiction in terms, and it results in government suppressing liberty and property.

Trump’s anti-corruption policy is a facet of his broader foreign policy doctrine:

“Most of all, we will serve the American people and uphold their right to a government that prioritizes their security, their prosperity, and their interests. This National Security Strategy puts America First.”

A fond hope, but has democratic socialism worked to those ends? Those ends can only be achieved by ending the government’s monopoly at providing security, at attempting to produce economic prosperity and at trying to act in the general welfare interest. Trump’s heart may be partially in the right place, speaking of his goals (security, prosperity) but not his means (government) according to these words, but unless the institutions of government are ended altogether, which he, Democrats and Republicans are firmly against doing, nothing fundamental will change. Nothing basic will change until Americans across the board realize and admit to themselves that democratic socialism is a dead end. Nothing basic will change until they de-legitimize their governments as purveyors and sole instrumentalities of laws, property, security, liberty and wealth. Nothing will change until Americans reject their governments as their preferred avenues to any number of goals, like a great society, an end to poverty, equality, non-discrimination, peace, security, and freedom.

Our own major media organs are hopelessly biased, one-sided, slanted and corrupt. They are in league with anti-Trump career bureaucrats and anti-Trump politicians, who are all primarily Democrats. Together, they’ve operated for 3 years to obscure Trump’s foreign policy doctrines. Again and again, they have lied about Trump, falsely portraying him as a traitor who was sacrificing America’s interests to Russia and Putin. They made up and spread outlandish lies that he was being blackmailed by Putin.

Now these same conspirators have a new package of lies relating to Ukraine. To this day, at this very moment, they are still fabricating and spreading absurd lies. Pelosi has consciously reduced their lies to a package that her gang and its allied “journalists” and “commentators” repeat constantly. They proclaim Trump’s corruption, his bribery, his abuse of power and his undermining of national security. They claim that he used foreign aid to his own advantage to undermine the candidacy of Joseph Biden; and, in the process, weaken an important ally, Ukraine.

The evidence that we have regarding Trump’s Ukraine actions in 2019 actually shows that Trump was implementing his anti-corruption doctrine spelled out in the National Security Policy of 2017.

It will be a minor miracle if Trump prevails over the fake muckraking. We will soon find out if the rule of law prevails that his anti-corruption policy extolled. That’s in the case of Russiagate. It may be that the Democrats have dug such a deep hole for themselves in Ukrainegate that they cannot climb out of it. If they impeach Trump and if the Senate calls the likes of Adam Schiff, Eric Ciaramella, Victoria Nuland, Joseph Biden, Hunter Biden and a long list of others as witnesses who answer questions under oath, or take the Fifth, then Trump’s victory will be far from minor.

However large or small it turns out to be, it won’t be enough to stop and undo the democratic socialist tide. That takes a complete repudiation of government as we know it.


9:56 am on November 15, 2019