Expecting the State To Cut Our Shackles Is Like Expecting The Usurper To Concede The Election

I hate to rain on the parade, given the decisions from several courts against Brandon’s compulsory Jabs. But we dare not rely on politicians and bureaucrats to free us from the chains they forge. Leviathan is neither merciful nor just; never in the history of the world has a government restored freedoms it has stolen, and those pining for such an impossibility will die enslaved.

My first piece of evidence for that gloomy conviction hails from Alabama:

[U.S. District Judge Abdul K. Kallon] on Tuesday said that United Launch Alliance is not required to accept the religious and medical exemption requests filed by five employees in response to the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

As the correspondent who forwarded this story notes, “The federal judge is not only not from north Alabama, like the president who appointed him he wasn’t even born in the United States.” Not that home-grown bench-warmers are any better; the problem is a hopelessly corrupt and totally-devoted-to-advancing-Leviathan’s-interests judiciary, not the birthplace of its minions. Nonetheless, I confirmed Kallon’s provenance only to uncover a fact far more disturbing: a group calling itself “Alliance for Justice” posted his biography. Yep, my antennae bristled as much as yours did at that name’s Marxist ring. Our instincts are correct: “Alliance for Justice [is] a national association of more than 120 progressive organizations focused on the courts…” And you’ll never guess who’s financing it.

Meanwhile, under the witty headline, “Vote Harder!!!!!! 80 House Republicans Vote to Fund Federal Vaccine Database to Spy on Americans,” the good folks at NC Renegade caution that

The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021 will give the federal government information on your vaccination status for the next mandate they have planned.

This will make it easier for the government to target you and strip you of your rights and income.

80 Republicans see this as a good thing.

Half of the Uniparty will not save us from the other half. We are worse than fools if we imagine otherwise.

Thanks to Bill Martin for sending this timely reminder.


11:19 am on December 2, 2021