Epic Deep State Internecine Division

I believe in these final climatic days before November 8, we will see epic Deep State internecine division. Some will publicly surface, most will remain buried sub-strata.

The Deep State is not monolithic or homogeneous but is composed of many seemingly disparate elements or competing factions united by their systemic base criminality under the phony rubric of “national security.

Administrations change, but the Deep State endures.

I think the overall standard perception of Trump as viewed as an outlier or dangerous loose cannon to the statist old guard elites who see his enormous ego, hubris, and independence of mind as threatening to their rackets is breaking down and being challenged late in the game by some factions. Raison d’état, institutional loyalty and self-interest trumps everything else.

The Clinton ties to epic criminality and predation are thoroughly documented but under-reported by the regime media in thrall to their Deep State suzerains up to this point. She is now being deemed expendable by some elements. And like Huma, she will be thrown under the bus.

Some of those factions within the Deep State — particularly those un-elected powerful bureaucrats deep within the permanent government and Pentagon that determine actual day-to-day policy from one administration to another, will turn on Hillary, out of amoral self-interest and institutional loyalty.

James Comey is perhaps the first and most notable.

Prepare for the Night of the Long Knives, version 2016.


3:14 pm on October 30, 2016