Elizabeth Warren Is Stark Raving Mad

This is not an exaggeration. The second meaning of the word “mad” is “completely unrestrained by reason and judgment: unable to think in a clear or sensible way” This is what characterizes her latest zero-carbon proposals.

This woman is currently in the lead to be the nominee for president of her party; and she’s utterly mad.

Without even getting into Warren’s long list of policy proposal, which also reveal her deficiencies of reason, judgment, clear thinking and sensible ideas, we have before us her proposals on homes, buildings and vehicles. One suspects that next will be her proposals on animals and human beings.

“We need to say by 2028, we’re not going to do any more buildings and houses that have any carbon emissions. By 2030, no more cars with carbon emissions, and by 2035 no more production of electricity that has carbon emissions”.

There is no reasonable basis for making carbon an enemy. There is no reasonable basis in knowledge of climate and man-made climate effects to seek these goals. There is no reasonable basis for Americans to do this themselves while everyone else continues to emit carbon. There is no reasonable basis in economic terms for doing this. There is no reasonable basis for government to have the power to enforce such aims.

The whole project is complete madness.


10:34 am on September 28, 2019