Elizabeth Warren Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction of Capitalism

Senator Elizabeth Warren is her own weapon of mass destruction. Her aim is to destroy immense amounts of American private property. Her weapon of mass destruction is her “Accountable Capitalism Act”. This act destroys existing corporate ownership and control structures that have generated immense wealth for Americans. Warren seeks to replace them with employee ownership and diffuse responsibilities to “stakeholders”. Warren prefers a form of Yugoslavia’s failed worker management system.

Warren would have the federal government charter companies. The government would dictate corporate ownership structure, taking voting power away from the capital-suppliers and shifting it to workers and others. This sort of change spells utter disaster for American capitalism. Who will want to invest under such a scheme without demanding a far higher return to compensate for the loss of control and the risks that entails? Consequently, the stock market will crash if her plan advances in Congress and shows any signs of being passed. It’s a knife at the throat of the American corporate system.

Warren’s plan is socialist, and her introduction of it makes it crystal clear that she’s a social democrat. Her plan reveals that she is a Bolshevik. The Bolsheviks were social democrats too. In power after the Russian revolution of 1917, they became the Communist party. “The Bolsheviks, founded by Vladimir Lenin and Alexander Bogdanov, were by 1905 a major organization consisting primarily of workers under a democratic internal hierarchy governed by the principle of democratic centralism, who considered themselves the leaders of the revolutionary working class of Russia.”

As in the Russian case, it always takes a small central group to seize power and “lead” a large mass of workers. The “democratic” role is a fiction for social democrats. There is no way that “people’s democracy” can be implemented in a government system utilizing power. All calls for such democracy, except perhaps on a very small scale, actually presage a socialist-communist takeover. Centralized control by a small faction is the result.

If ever she attains greater power, Warren will further socialism and communism as much as she can, while insisting, as she has, that she completely supports capitalism and wants to save it. Warren wants the support of anti-capitalist groups.

Given the opportunity to condemn Antifa by name, Warren refused. She has allied herself with Black Lives Matter. Once we go below the surface of Antifa and Black Lives Matter and look at what they espouse or what influential and articulate people within them espouse, we find that they are often Marxist and anti-capitalist in orientation. (See Alyxandra Goodwin as an example.)


8:03 pm on August 17, 2018