Drs Sam & Mark Bailey Conduct a Q&A

Every month Drs Sam & Mark Bailey answer questions submitted by their paid subscribers on all manner of topics.

This new Q&A is free to everyone and covers the following:

DNA contamination of mRNA vaccines (08:20)

Warts – causes and treatments (14:42)

“Flesh-eating bacteria” (20:19)

Prolapsed bladder treatments (26:01)

Receding gums and jaw bone loss treatments (32:37)

Bipolar disorder and medications (41:12)

Common law, legal fiction, equity – where to find good information? (51:55)

Hard science behind Terrain Theory (59:16)

If not a virus then what is the cause? (1:06:07)

Hashimoto’s, Thyroid Antibodies, Thyroid biopsies and Thyroid Meds (1:14:50)

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7:39 am on February 20, 2024