Double Congratulations to Walter Block

First, congratulations to Professor Walter Block of Loyola University New Orleans upon publishing his 100th peer-reviewed article with a student (or students) coauthor.  It’s unlikely that any other faculty member at that university has published 50 articles in his or her entire career, let alone just with student coauthors.

Second, congratulations also, Walter, on the apparent boycott of your classes by the dumbest of the dumb among the student body who have been instructed by Marxist faculty there, including the university president, that free-market economics, libertarianism, and freedom in general are “racist” and “sexist,” the mating call of brainless campus Marxists everywhere.  You now do not need to waste your time on these young dimwits who have been swindled out of their education by conniving faculty and administrators who have convinced them to be “protesters” and left-wing loudmouths (like themselves) instead of students.  You can now devote more time and energy to the genuine students who are eager to learn from you, to co-author more articles in the future, and to not waste their parents’ money.


6:28 pm on October 9, 2018