Does this take the cake for election crimes?

Two secretaries of state (in Michigan and Pennsylvania) made secret and confidential voter roll information available to private (non-government) actors. ee here. Doesn’t this mean your name, your address, your party afiliation and possibly other sensitive information?

This is really outrageous and presumably against state laws. It’s shocking and hardly believable because it sinks so low and so far beneath proper behavior, common sense ethics and the rule of law. This demands remedy, and it alone is enough to invalidate the election, given the importance of these two states. No matter what the deal was or what the contract was, restrictions could not be enforced once the data were released to a private actor and became “in the wild”.

When combined with maail-in ballots, and even if not, this reeks of corruption and it opens he door to innumerable frauds. Do voter rolls also contain telephone numbers? Just think what a partisan recipient of these voter rolls can use them for in order to advertise, solicit, arrange the campaigns, pour in resources to particular places, harvest ballots. This is really hitting way below the belt. It’s truly astonishing. The people behind this need to be removed from office, fined, shamed and punished legally. If it doesn’t take the cake for low election moves, it surely comes close.

It actually gets worse. It is said that these state governments allowed changes to be made to the rolls, like additions and deletions.

There are many questions to ask the state officials so that this can be properly and fairly understood and investigated. But as it stands now, it looks very bad.

The FB executive named ZMark uckerberg is implicated in the scheme. Has he no ethical character at all? From censorship to this, he comes across as a man of low character. But then politics does bring out the worst in people. What is politics anyway but the efforts of people to egenerate and then xercise power of groups, as groups and upon groups? All politics ever is is power politics. That’s its defining feature. ZUckerberg is playing the game. He’s not rising above it, however. He’s down in the muck. He’s a leader, but leaders like him we do not need and shouldn’t be respected if this is the way they’re going to behave. We cannot expect perfection of character, but some idea of what is right and wrong is to be expected. Is it not obviously wrong to make confidential information available to private parties that have partisan political aims? Or for that matter to anyone? SUch information belonged to the state in its capacity to conduct a fair election. It didn’t belong in the hands of anyone else.

Be suspicious, as in this instance, of the so-called “public-private partnership“. It means a likelihood of greater graft, favoritism, misuse of funds, corruption, misuse of power.


9:19 am on December 7, 2020