Do We Need To Do More To Honor Veterans?

The Medal of Honor Convention is being held in Knoxville, Tennessee this week. A friend went to see the University of Tennessee football game in Knoxville last Saturday. He reports: “The half time show was dedicated to veterans. It was a spectacular display. The band and the narrator WORSHIPPED the military. They had a few old vets on the field and paid them honor. The band made several formations all military and the last one was a formation depicting the medal of honor. The finale was the unfolding of a huge USA flag that covered at least half of the field accompanied by fireworks.”

It gets worse.

One of the vets was interviewed after the game. He said: “We need to do more to honor vets.”

Do more to honor vets? How about if we let them walk on red carpet, put a crown on their head, and bow down to them? Would that be enough to satisfy them and their admirers?


3:08 pm on September 11, 2014

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