Differential Diagnosis on Biden’s Disturbing Symptoms

Alex Berenson actually looked at the available White House logs and found nine visits over the last year by a Parkinson’s disease specialist to the White House medical clinic.

Berenson reported an email today from a physician, discussing the symptoms Biden is showing:

  • “All the disturbing symptoms we all see are called Parkinsonism. That is simply a fact. They consist of motor slowing, festinating gait with reduced arm swing, mask like ‘facies’, reduced vocal volume.”
  • “…The best case scenario for him would be that this is in fact, Parkinson’s disease. There’s a lot of treatment and the cognitive effects can be variable and sometimes not that significant.”
  • “Worst case would be Lewy body dementia. This can be rapidly progressive, and the diagnosis is usually only made postmortem or based on the rapid decline.”
  • “Other possibilities include Alzheimer’s disease, though that is less likely to have Parkinsonism. And then finally vascular dementia, which definitely can present like this, and the course can be variable, sometimes plateauing for long periods of time. There are other very obscure causes of Parkinsonism that certainly could be a possibility, but much much less likely.”
  • “…there is one last possible explanation for his Parkinsonism and that would be a medication side effect. But if that were true, they would tell us what the medicine was by now, and it does not explain the confusion and some of the cognitive changes.”
  • “…Any conversation about diagnosis is merely reviewing what is called the differential diagnosis list for people with these symptoms….it is not rendering a diagnosis.





4:26 pm on July 6, 2024