Did I Miss the News Article About the “Coffee Bomber?”

Waiting at the gate for my flight from Fort Lauderdale recently, the Fatherland “Security” Gestapo showed up at the last minute to conduct an extra check for bombs by peering into Styrofoam Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups of any passenger carrying a coffee onto the morning flight.  Some tourists approached one of the 4′ 6” female Gestapoettes and said “Gee, we were hoping you guys were off work because of the shutdown so we could spend another day or two in Florida.”  The scowling, frowning, little Nazi bitch dressed in a black mini-Ninja costume just looked at the civilian and said: “We’re on the job.  We don’t want the dead bodies.”  She could have added, “So just bend over and take it, you scum.”  I’m sure that’s what the Gestapoette must have been thinking.


1:03 pm on October 12, 2013