Democrats’ Sting Operation: The Trump Tower Meeting

The Trump Tower meeting was a sting operation, a setup, arranged by Democratic Party forces. There is definitive evidence of this. This is big news. What remains is for some investigating body to question all of those who arranged the sting to see how far it rises, like to Hillary herself.

The DNC arranged this dirty trick through Fusion GPS, who used Natalia Veselnitskaya to bring the meeting about.

In another dirty trick, the DNC also instigated the Trump dossier through the cutout, Fusion GPS.

The DNC’s dirty tricks and Hillary Clinton’s connection to them need to be investigated thoroughly. That in turn may shed light on two other stories: the source of the leaked DNC e-mails and the death of Seth Rich.

The real story of Russia-gate hasn’t yet been completely aired yet either in such a way as to have the broad impact it should. That is the story that links Obama, Brennan, and Comey into their connection to the DNC’s and their own dirty tricks. The misuse of intelligence and intelligence operations needs to be brought out. Comey’s preferential treatment of Hillary Clinton has surfaced to some extent as well as his failures to investigate the DNC leaks properly, but a really thorough public airing is lacking.

Mueller’s investigations are about other subjects at this time, mostly lobbying and foreign connections of lobbyists and Washington insiders. Will he get around to investigating Israeli influence? Saudi influence? It’s par for the course of an empire like ours to be subject to foreign influences. Russia has no obvious undue or outsize or out of the ordinary influence on either elections or U.S. politics. If it does, where’s the evidence of it? Mueller’s thrust so far has nothing to do with the real story of Russia-gate.


11:10 am on November 11, 2017