Democrat Ruin

America voted Bush out and Obama in, a vote against the Iraq War and a vote to retrench the empire. Obama badly disappointed America’s hopes, so she refused to vote in his heir and proxy, Hillary Clinton.

Will Democrats win the presidency in 2020 by 4 years of opposition to Trump? Is resistance a program that captures the hopes of voters? Or is resistance a ruinous strategy because it is a nothing-burger?

Democrats promise wall-to-wall investigations of Trump. Can endless charges, each more laughable and superficial, each more fake and false, than its predecessor, inspire voters to vote in a Democrat, be she a tired representative of the Clinton cabal or an empty-headed progressive socialist?

The 2020 election is Trump’s to lose as Democrats ruin themselves with silly investigations that put on display their own empty heads. Trump can win by positive moves, such as well-defined actions toward peace across a global map dotted with U.S. meddling and belligerence. He can’t win by taking Democratic bait. He should not descend to the level of the House Democrats. He shouldn’t become preoccupied with their charges. They are so senseless, vicious and phony that even Trump can look statesmanlike and turn them to his advantage. Humor will help.

Trump is off to a bad start in saying of House investigations of him: “If that happens then we’re going to do the same thing and government comes to a halt and I would blame them”. Retaliation is petty and lacks voter appeal. He should reveal Democratic machinations and corruption because it’s the right thing to do. He shouldn’t be reactive to Democrats by promising “the same thing”. He should rise above them, articulate his program and press for its passage. (The more libertarian, the better.) The House can be blamed for its obstruction, its delay, and its useless focus on his style.

Trump has been seduced by Washington rhetoric. It’s far from being populist to say of the House: “There are many things we can get along on without a lot of trouble, that we agree very much with them and they agree with us. I would like to see bipartisanship. I’d like to see unity.” This emphasizes personalities, politics and deals, the endless Washington machinery.

Trump shouldn’t be speaking about agreement between them and us. He shouldn’t be speaking about bipartisanship or unity, which are Democratic ploys. These were not what he ran on. He needs to stay on point. He should say “The American people elected me to enact a program. My budgets call for making that program happen. I will call upon the House and Senate, whatever their party compositions, to do their part by writing the appropriate legislation and passing the funding bills. There is one guiding and meaningful goal that the 2016 election approved, and that is to ‘Make America Great Again’.”


3:03 pm on November 12, 2018