Democrat Fantasy, Democrat Phantasms

Democrats are boarding the ship whose destination is impeachment. The latest to book passage is Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Collusion between Russia and Trump has been a figment of the Democrat imagination from its start — a fantasy, a phantasm — a symbol built up to destroy Trump’s candidacy and then his presidency. Democrat fakery is the rule. They are conning America and themselves. Their latest symbol is to drape themselves in the Constitution’s separation of powers and act as if they are a deliberative body, instead of the spinners of fiction that they are.

Objecting to the Democrat stage play of collusion and resisting it is not obstruction of justice. It is an act of sanity to prevent Democrat phantasms from becoming real, to stop the Democrat psychosis from overwhelming America’s consciousness with its illusions, its hallucinations and its hearing of voices.

None of what they’re charging is real, no matter how real it may seem to minds that are deploying rationality in the service of evil hatreds and wild imaginings whose hidden aim is their own dominance and revenge.

If Attorney General Barr seriously investigates the origins of the Democrat collusion phantasm being deployed to destroy Trump, he will have to go back to its beginnings. They include the as yet unproven charge that Russia or Russians hacked the DNC. See here and here.

I quote one analysis at length that has its credible feet in reality and not in imaginary concoctions like the Steele dossier:

“In the case of the alleged series of intrusions into the DNC computing facilities, there is no anchor to any chain of evidence/custody.

“There has been no claim that any jurisdictional law enforcement agency was allowed access to the DNC computing facilities. The FBI was denied access to DNC facilities, thereby supposedly denying the FBI the ability to conduct any on-site investigation of the alleged crime scene for discovery or collection of evidence.

“Nor did the FBI exercise its authority to investigate the crime scene of a purported federal crime. Since when does the FBI need permission to investigate an alleged crime site where it is claimed a foreign government’s intelligence attacked political files in order to interfere in a US presidential election?

“Instead, the FBI accepted images of purported crime scene evidence from a contractor hired by and, therefore, working for the DNC. On July 05, 2017 a Crowdstrike statement said that they had provided ‘… forensic images of the DNC system to the FBI.’ It was not stated when these images were provided. Crowdstrike was working for the DNC as a contractor at the time.

“This scenario is analogous to an employee of a crime scene owner telling law enforcement, ‘Trust me; I have examined the crime scene for you and here’s what I’ve found. It’s not necessary for you to see the crime scene.’

“Crowdstrike cannot be accepted as a neutral forensic organization. It was working for and being paid by the DNC. It is neither a law enforcement agency nor a federal forensic organization. Further Crowdstrike has serious conflicts of interest when it comes to any investigation of Russia.

“Crowdstrike co-founder and Director of Technology, Dimitri Alperovitch, is a Nonresident Senior Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative, of the Atlantic Council. Alperovitch has made it clear of his dislike of the government of Putin, and The Atlantic Council can not be considered neutral to Russia, receiving funding from many very staunch and outspoken enemies of Russia.

“Summary: Not only was no federal jurisdictional law enforcement agency allowed to investigate the alleged crime scene, but the organization which allegedly collected and provided the ‘evidence’ was not neutral by being employed by the owner of the alleged crime scene, but seriously compromised by strong anti-Russian links.”


9:54 am on May 11, 2019