Democrat Crimes (2008-2016) Led to Further Democrat Coverup Crimes (2016-2020)

In the years in which they held the highest offices in the land, 2008-2016, Obama and Clinton committed many crimes. By appointing their toadies at the Department of Justice and wielding power, they avoided being held to account. See here and here for partial lists of their crimes.

Donald Trump entered the presidential race on June 15, 2015. Hillary Clinton thought that she had to win in 2016 in order to prevent a Republican administration from indicting her and Obama for their criminal misdeeds. She knew that a Trump campaign and especially a Trump victory in 2016 might open the lid on her crimes. The pay-for-play scheme utilized by the Clinton Foundation was alone enough to send her to jail, much less her misuse of a private server for her communications. Her incentive to cover up her crimes was strong, and the method she chose was to create an operation using the FBI and CIA to discredit Trump as a Russian asset, a puppet of Putin.

Although Obama was a key player, Hillary Clinton put the operation into play. To this day, the scheme revolves around the false image of Trump people colluding with Russia. There was never any such collusion by Trump people. It’s all been contrived through false accusations repeated without end. What’s actually going on is delay by Democrats in order to keep their crimes covered up until they regain office, evidence fades away, and statutes of limitation come into play. There has been a massive Clinton-Obama coverup. Trump has labeled the coverup and its crimes as Obamagate. So far, Obamagate has succeeded. Trump has been damaged and his agenda slowed or derailed. The criminals are not under prosecution. The fake charges against Trump continue to be trotted out. The major media organs continue to support the coverup and label Obamagate as a conspiracy theory. The coverup is, however, doomed to fail, as evidence continues to accumulate. This is due to the determined efforts of a number of individuals, and it’s going to topple Clinton and Obama eventually.

Hillary Clinton’s aim was to prevent any investigations by a new Trump administration of either her crimes or those of Obama. She has largely succeeded because she had the cooperation of such Democrats as James Comey in The FBI and John Brennan in the CIA. Barack Obama knew the accusations against Trump and his campaign were totally phony and false. He had no reason to put a stop to it, because Clinton’s minions were doing the heavy lifting and he had his own reasons for seeing Trump lose. Obama and his wife planned to rake in millions of dollars with speech, book and movie deals after the election. This gravy train might be slowed or even stopped if Obama’s reputation were damaged by revelations about his administration supported by indictments and prosecutions.

Hillary Clinton’s operation to discredit the Trump candidacy and then his presidency was aided by Barack Obama and Joseph Biden at certain critical junctures. The motivation behind the entire scheme was to cover up their earlier crimes and prevent Trump from bringing them out into the open.

Once Trump was elected, they modified their operations into 2017 and subsequent years, and these involve new crimes. This part of the scheme drew top Democrats further into complicity with the coverup. Adam Schiff, already a conspirator, immersed himself in phony investigations and played a key role in the phony impeachment of Trump. Nancy Pelosi became a key player. The Mueller farce became part of the coverup. Biden was drawn into it because of his personal corruption in the Ukraine affair.

Abuse of power for personal gains has been a crime of all the Democrat participants in this scheme. They misused powers of their offices to interfere in an election and then, after the election, to attempt to overthrow a sitting president. These rise to the level of crimes against the people and the Constitution. These are crimes that rise to the level of treason. Along the way, various players have perjured themselves, destroyed documents, destroyed hard drives, and lied to obtain warrants. This brief summary doesn’t pretend to be complete or to paint the entire picture. It means to tell a story that’s easy to grasp.

Corruption of the FBI, the CIA and the Department of Justice has been several levels deep, and that’s deep enough that Trump’s replacements have thrown sand into the gears of justice. Trump replaced deep state anti-Trumpers with more of the same; that’s his fault for not vetting them carefully; but he operates with the necessity of getting Senate approval and he’s stuck with members of his own party who do not back him up. Trump hasn’t been enough of a politician to face down these senators and control their voting.

For an example, he had the chance to choose someone at CIA that would be on his side. Instead he chose Gina Haspel of all people. Gina Haspel, the CIA director, is dragging her feet over releasing documents in full that will shed light on Obamagate. She epitomizes Trump’s poor choices of new personnel. What Trump needed to do and still needs to do is to reach much further down the chain of command and vet some of the relatively inexperienced but so far uncorrupted agents for high level jobs. Experienced hands are not open to basic changes in foreign policy, and they are against Trump. Then Trump would have to put pressure on the Republican senators who might want their own favorites in positions of power in the CIA. They wouldn’t want junior people.

In the end, the truth is going to come out in a form that almost everyone can comprehend. Obama’s people at the FBI and at the CIA did spy on Trump. To this day, Obama denies this and fogs up the issue with unrelated political statements. Obama lies with ease. He’s a con man. He’s always been a con man. The available evidence already rebuts Obama and shows him up as a liar. Carter Page was under FBI surveillance when Obama was president in 2016 and Hillary was running for office, and the warrant for this was due in no small part to the Steele dossier that Hillary Clinton commissioned.


1:15 pm on October 15, 2020