Demo-Communists Want War with Russia . . .

. . . rather than admit that Hillary lost because: 1) She was a horrible candidate; 2) It was easy for millions to hate and despise her; 3) She seems inhuman; 4) She’s a criminal; 5) She called over 60 million people “deplorable”; and 6) She, like Obama, is an Alinsky-worshipping commie.  Then there was that Clinton Body Count.

Tonight on Tucker Carlson’s show the Democratic National Committee sent an anorexic-looking woman with way too much of some kind of substance injected into her lips (a “Democratic strategist”) to argue that: 1) Trump won the election because the Russians hacked into John Podesta’s emails; and 2) Therefore, “we” should retaliate militarily against Russia.  They would rather start a war with Russia (I assume the 95 pound Democratic propagandababe would not participate) than admit that their candidate was a loser.


6:46 pm on December 8, 2016