Defending the Undefendable and the Death Penalty for Murder

From: Alex Popovic

Sent: Monday, December 21, 2020 12:10 PM

To: Walter Block <>

Subject: Death Penalty

Dear  Walter Block,

I was watching one of your lectures from MisesU 2016. It was the lecture on your book defending the undefendable. It was a great lecture, I quite enjoyed it and I plan on purchasing your book defending the undefendable 1 and 2, also 3 whenever that releases if it is still coming out. I wanted to ask you for the link to the study you mentioned when you were talking about the death penalty and the correlations between death penalty states vs execution states in terms of the utilitarian discussion on the death penalty.



Dear Alex:

Thanks for your kind words.

Here ’tis:

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Best regards,



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