Debunk The Funk

I debated titling this “Debunking The Logical Fallacy Funk” and consider it an excellent Mental Inoculation Tool.

Mike Stone from powerfully arms his readers on the manipulation tricks used to perpetrate the fraudulent COVID-19 narrative.

And…I would add…these tricks are still constantly being used on the unaware public to BE AFRAID BE AFRAID!!!

This simple, brief and CLEAR article is a terrific read and an excellent resource tool to help educate those who don’t even know they’re being manipulated in the first place.

It’s vital we learn how to see what’s coming at us! Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Negotiation Theory:

A tactic perceived is a tactic disarmed.

Become better armed and mentally inoculated today. Highly Recommended.


12:10 pm on March 27, 2023